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We commonly use the following chemical cleaning treatments: Alkaline/solvent wash for hydrocarbon sludge removal from process equipment. Acid/chelant treatment for scale buildup on the inside of boiler pipes and tubes or cooling water service. Safe and non-toxic form of enzyme-based cleaning. > Get A Quote >

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File Size: 182KB We offer a full range of chemical/mechanical cleaning consulting services tailored to fit the needs of each client. We will write the scope of work, procedures, chemical requirements, terms and conditions, spill prevention, waste neutralization for each phase of cleaning. > Get A Quote >

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Boiler Hardness/Scale Removal Chemical ChemWorld QCID-S is a special blend of sulfamic acid with a highly effective inhibitor designed for the cleaning and maintenance of water systems. Chemworld QCID-S is particularly effective at removing iron and precipitated hardness deposits and is recommended for use where worker safety considerations are of prime importance. > Get A Quote >

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Chemical cleaning processes use chemicals to dissolve or loosen scale, debris and organic materials from pipe and process equipment during the commissioning phase of new plant facilities and equipment. Specific processes will vary based on specific equipment, the commissioning process and operational use cases. > Get A Quote >

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Although usually applied to pre-commissional chemical cleaning of new boilers for the removal of oil and grease, there is evidence, based on laboratory work and from practical experience, that a primary phase of cleaning using alkaline chemicals loosens the bond between scale and metal. > Get A Quote >


Dec 11, 2016· Chemical cleaning is a multiple stage process that seeks to remove all the existing scale from the boiler internals, leaving a clean, passivated waterside system. One step in the process involves the use of inhibited acid to dissolve the scales. > Get A Quote >

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Chemical Cleaning is a pre-commissioning procedure that generally refers to the cleaning of a boiler or HRSG with chemistry formulated to remove mill scale from the water tubes. Chemical Cleaning is also used on piping and vessels that need to have mill scale removed as well. > Get A Quote >

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Chemical cleaning is a cost-effective and efficient method involving the use of reactive chemicals to remove unwanted deposits, corrosion, residual oils and greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from the surfaces of various pieces of process equipment, including components of power-generating units such as boiler and condensers > Get A Quote >

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Contamination events increase the amount of deposit in the boiler and its corrosiveness. Chemical cleaning removes the deposits and the contamination underneath the deposits before they corrode to failure. ■ Replacement of boiler tubing. The rule of thumb is to chemically clean if you are replacing more than 10% > Get A Quote >

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  • Nuclear · Coal In low-pressure boilers, chemical cleaning typically removes calcium carbonate and other hard adherent scales. In higher-pressure boilers, the major deposit removed is magnetite and some copper. Chemical cleaning can improve the boiler heat rate and reduce the number of tube failures. It typically improves the stability of boiler chemistry. > Get A Quote >

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The cleaning is performed when a boiler is filled with a water-based chemical solution. The solution is heated either by starting the boiler itself or by using steam from an external boiler. Maintaining the conditions above the boiling point, chemical concentration, and oil content are monitored for a certain period of time or until the oil content drops to a predetermined level. > Get A Quote >

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